Our Space


Our 4,800-square-foot facility is located just off the Spaulding Turnpike on Nimble Hill Road in Newington, NH.

Space for Everything

We offer 3,200 square feet of main gym space where we hold all group and individual classes. Our facility also includes a lounge area with two bathrooms, changing stalls, and storage for shoes and personal items, as well as a kids’ club room and massage therapy room.

The Gym Area

Our main gym floor is set up to be a functional, accommodating space for a group class of 22. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, class sizes are reduced.

We provide barbells, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, C2 ergs (rowing machines) plyo boxes, fan bikes, climbing ropes, glute-ham developers, sleds, tires, and chains.

In warmer months, we are able to open two large bay doors in the back of the facility to allow for greater airflow through the gym. We have easy access to a long sidewalk for running, and a parking lot in the rear of the building for sled pushing and other dynamic strength exercises!