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Your Community Gym

We are a premier strength and conditioning gym offering challenging group training sessions, Olympic weightlifting programming and semi-private classes. Our focus is helping you reach your fitness goals in an environment that gets you excited to work out.

Large Group Training

Our 45-minute Large Group Training classes feature multiple elements to warm you up, get you moving, work your body, and recover.

Open Gym

Feel like a workout but can’t make a class? Come in and get it done during open gym at no extra cost to members!

Semi-Private Training

Enjoy more personalized fitness guidance from our experienced coaches, who are dedicated to helping you make continuous improvements.

Barbell Club

Longtime lifter Matt Tapply coaches this unique class that helps you improve your lifting technique and performance.

Muscle Shark Classes

Kick off your weekends with our Saturday morning warm up and conditioning sessions. Come in, work out, and get on with your day.

Nutrition Coaching

Looking to get your diet on track to complement the work you’re doing in the gym? Our nutrition coaches are happy to help you develop simple and effective nutrition plans that keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Recover as Hard as You Work

Are you experiencing pain in a joint or muscle? Can’t seem to remedy the problem, no matter what you try!? Schedule an appointment with Scott Corliss, the seacoast’s premier bodywork specialist to take care of the issue. Scott is excellent at diagnosing and treating muscle and joint pain so you can get back to your workout, FAST! Scott offers his services exclusively to GBSC members, an added perk of joining the GBSC family!



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